How can we know if we are using the JDE system and modules efficiently?

Let’s turn that question around. How can you tell if you are not using the system or your modules efficiently? 

There are several tell-tale signs that you are not using your system or modules efficiently:

If you’re using the reporting modules effectively, you will be able to generate any report you need and find any information you’re looking for quickly and easily. A review of your module’s features and functionality will help determine if you can get more from your system.

If you find yourself depending on business processes outside of the system then you’re using a workaround other than what’s available. What’s more, you could be opening up your business to unnecessary risk if you’re keeping information in unsecured spreadsheets, log books, or even emails.

A custom modification here and there in your ERP to meet your unique needs is acceptable. However, too many custom modifications can create problems not only within your department, but throughout the organization. Those custom modifications can make an application upgrade difficult, costly, and inconvenient for all system users.

If you have issues integrating with other software, such as changes and updates to Microsoft or database products you may use your system could benefit from a refresh, ensuring it is up-to-date and capable of interfacing with other business platforms.


Why do I need to upgrade our ERP system?

There are a number of reasons to upgrade your ERP system. The top reason to keep up-to-date on upgrades is to stay current on the software and be able to receive support. From a support and maintenance standpoint, it’s always easier to work on a current system than it is to bring that system up to speed in order to receive support. 

Another important reason to stay current on upgrades is so that you have access to the latest security enhancements. Maintaining a secure ERP system is easiest when you’re using the latest security features to keep your data, and that of your customers and vendors, safe from internal and external breaches.

Odds are your JDE ERP system is not the only software application your organization uses. Running the current version of the ERP software makes it much easier for your entire company to be compatible with other software and browsers.

Regulatory enhancements such as lease management and changes to revenue recognition that have recently been enhanced.

You know that one little enhancement you wish your ERP had that would make your job so much easier? Well, if you don’t upgrade your system on a regular basis you’ll never know if that enhancement has been added.

Does our ERP system provide the right level of data/user security for our business needs?

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer YES to any of them, your organization should consider reviewing and revising the level of data/user security currently in place.

  1. Can users access data they should not? 
  2. Can users not access data they should be able to?
  3. Do you have concerns about external security?
  4. Do users have to have multiple log-ons to do their job?

What happens in an Oracle user audit?

When an Oracle user audit happens, Oracle logs onto your system to check and audit files you have been using and then checks that you have user licenses for that functionality. If you do not own enough of the proper licenses, Oracle will invoice you for the number of licenses needed.



 Why are Tools & Applications updates important to my system and what will I get?

Tools & Applications updates are hugely important to your system because they provide updates to security enhancements, compatibility to other products or browser enhancements, User Interface changes, foundation functionality enhancements, and more. Upgrading Tools & Applications will help your users work more efficiently.

How do I know if our Tools release is current?

To find out if your Tools release is current, look on My Oracle Support for current versions then compare to the version you are running.

How long does it take to install and test a Tools or an Application upgrade?

It takes MSS JDE about one month to install and test a Tools upgrade. That’s less time than it takes to break a bad habit or get a passport. An Applications

Will I have to pay to install a Tools or Applications upgrade? 

Tools & Tech software upgrade comes with your Oracle support, but you will have to pay for consulting services. With MSS Technologies, that cost is typically between $5,000 and $7,000.

How do I know if we’re running the most current version of our Application?

To find out if you’re running the most current version of the Application, look on My Oracle Support for current versions then compare to the version you are running.

How long does it take to install and test an Application upgrade? 

It typically takes MSS Technologies between 1 and 3 months to install and test an Applications upgrade. That’s less time than it takes to walk the Great Wall of China or get a private pilot’s license.

Is there a cost to install an Application upgrade in my system? 

The Application upgrade software comes with your Oracle support, but you will have to pay for consulting services. The cost to install an Application upgrade is between $35,000 and $45,000, depending on if you or MSS Technologies test the system functions.

What kind of enhancements will I get with an Application upgrade?

With an Application upgrade, you will stay current and supported on the JDE software and receive regulatory enhancements, application enhancements, security enhancements, and additional functionality.


Does MSS provide training for all JDE platforms?

-Yes. At MSS Technologies , we have the expertise to train on all versions and all modules of EnterpriseOne and World software. Contact us to get training on JDE platforms.

Can I get trained on specific modules?

-Yes. Because our consultants are JDE business experts, MSS Technologies  can provide customized training for any specific module you need. If you would like training on any of the JDE ERP modules, get in touch.

Do I need a JDE consulting partner or can we manage our own JDE environment?

If you have a trained CNC technical person on staff you can manage your own JDE environment. 

Alternatively, we can provide monthly managed services for technical support with a managed services contract. Contact us for more details about managed services.